Week in the Life – Day 3 Completed

Hi all and happy Sunday,

I’ve been working on a few other projects but I getting there with my WITL.

Before I show those completed pages I just want to remind everyone about the project that Michelle from The Stamp Spot and myself and leading this May.  Its called #selfcaremay.  It’s about choosing a prompt each day reminding yourself to take a little bit of time for yourself.



We are also documenting it in one of her Pocket Page Notebooks.  If you follow the link on my homepage you can go to her shop and purchase one.  Simply by inserting the coupon code donna20% at checkout, you will received 20% discount.  You can’t beat that.

Don’t forget to share your work by using #selfcaremay also #pocketpagenotebook.


Now to my WITL.

WITL Day 3 2017 002

I have continued using Kellie Stamps digital ‘Large Number’ for my title page.

WITL Day 3 2017 004

WITL Day 3 2017 003

Way to much journaling so I had to make a tip in.

WITL Day 3 2017 005

WITL Day 3 2017 006

WITL Day 3 2017 007

WITL Day 3 2017 010

WITL Day 3 2017 011

WITL Day 3 2017 012

WITL Day 3 2017 013

WITL Day 3 2017 014

WITL Day 3 2017 016

WITL Day 3 2017 017

WITL Day 3 2017 018

WITL Day 3 2017 019

Thanks for popping in.

Hope to see you next time.




Week in the Life – Day 2 Completed

Hi all,

I have slowly continued to document my WITL.  I’m not in any particular rush as I have all the photos and the journaling done.  All I have to do is cut and paste the words from my blog onto a document and print out.  The trickiest part is deciding what size to print out my photos but once I’m organised that, it’s all ready to start playing with pretty paper.

As mentioned before I am documenting in a Pocket Page Notebook which you can get from The Stamp Spot.  You can currently get a discount if you use the code donna20% at checkout in the The Stamp Spot’s shop.  Click on the link on my front page to take you there.

Day 2 WITL 2017 001

The giant numbers I am using from Kellie Stamps.

Day 2 WITL 2017 002

Day 2 WITL 2017 003

Day 2 WITL 2017 004

Day 2 WITL 2017 005

Day 2 WITL 2017 006

Day 2 WITL 2017 007

Day 2 WITL 2017 008

Day 2 WITL 2017 009

Day 2 WITL 2017 010

Day 2 WITL 2017 011

Day 2 WITL 2017 012

Used the Maccas packaging for the background paper.

Day 2 WITL 2017 013

Day 2 WITL 2017 014

Day 2 WITL 2017 015

Day 2 WITL 2017 016

Day 2 WITL 2017 017

Day 2 WITL 2017 018

That’s day 2 complete.

Thanks for popping by.




WITL – Day 1 Completed

As previously mentioned, I will be documenting my Week in the Life for this year in a Pocket Page Notebook from The Stamp Spot.

So here we go.

Sorry for the glare but its really tricky to photograph without getting it.

The documenting or journaling part was easy and I did what Ali does and mostly copies and pastes from her blog.  So, so easy.

I am using Kellie Stamps Digital Large Number Pocket Cards for the beginning of each new day.  I print them to size and slide them into the pocket page.  Most of the paper and elements are from Felicity Jane kits.

Day 1 WITL 002


Day 1 WITL 003


Day 1 WITL 004Day 1 WITL 005


Day 1 WITL 006


Day 1 WITL 007


Day 1 WITL 008


Day 1 WITL 009

This is a pocket page and I’ve attached the photos to a piece of patterned acetate.  On the reverse side I mirrored the photos with extra embellishments etc.  Again, sorry for the glare.

Day 1 WITL 010

The reverse side.

Day 1 WITL 011


Day 1 WITL 012


Day 1 WITL 013


Day 1 WITL 014


Day 1 WITL 015


Day 1 WITL 017


Day 1 WITL 018


Day 1 WITL 019


Thank you for popping in for a look.

See you next time.



Self Care May

Laura-Cunningham-by-Chloe-Moore-Take-Time (1)

Self Care May

This is YOUR month, a month for all women to celebrate who they are or maybe discover a little bit more about themselves.  Woman no matter what stage you are in your life always need a bit of Self Care.  It’s the month to look after yourself, to spoil yourself, to do little things for yourself on a daily basis.

Michelle from The Stamp Spot and myself will steer you along this journey on our blogs and our individual Instagram and Facebook pages.  (see below for links)

We want you on a daily basis to ask yourself these questions:

What do I need today?


How can I fulfill that need?

Two very simple questions that we don’t consciously ask ourselves.  Well that is going to change for the month of May.  Every day you are going ask yourself those two questions.

We will provide a suggested  list of prompts that we came up with.  You may choose to use this list to get you started, you may have your own ideas.  We are all individuals with individual needs at any single moment in time.  So my need for today may not be the same as yours or your friends.  It’s purely relevant to you.  All you have to do is ask yourself everyday those two questions and see what the answer is and then act on it.

This is not a project that is supposed to cause you stress or anxiety.  You make the project what you want it to be.  We haven’t set a number eg: 31 as there’s 31 days in May.  We are merely suggesting that you look at the possibility of allowing yourself a little bit of Self Care.

Michelle  and I will be driving this project and each of us will be documenting this project in The Stamp Spot’s Pocket Page Notebook.  You may choose where to want to record this journey along with how you choose to do it.  If you are wanting to use a Pocket Page Notebook, the same as Michelle and I, you can click on the link at the top of my page which will take you to The Stamp Spot and you can obtain a discount by using the code donna20% and expiry is 15 June.


There is no cost involved to actually do this project, it’s just about forming a community of woman who want to consciously take time for themselves for the month of May.



Your Assignment

  • Choose where are you going to document this project?  For example a Pocket Page Notebook, an Art Journal,  a Planner
  • Choose how you are going to document this project?  For example with words, photos, bullet journal, mixed media etc

You will be able to following along on either of our social media pages








We will be using the hashtag #selfcaremay on social media


Week in the Life – Day 7 (Sunday)

download (3)

Well, that’s it peeps, words and photos done for another year.  I will start with the documenting part during the week in my Pocket Page Notebook from The Stamp Spot.  You can click on the link on this blog post or my home page to have a look at this innovative Pocket Page Notebook which is a cross between a traveler’s notebook and pocket pages.  Michelle is offering a 20% discount until 15 June if you use the code donna20% at checkout.


Pocket Page Notebook

Unfortunately I woke up with my migraine still so I finally relent and go and get a prescription filled to help.

download (1)


download (2)

Please note the look on Sasha’s face waiting for me to give her some of my scone.  I have only just fed her so the fact that she is drooling (literally) over my scone is just greedy.

I take myself back to bed with a coffee and a fruit scone which Declan brought home from his work yesterday.  Caffeine is apparently supposed to be good to for migraines.

download (3)

 Waiting for the drugs to kick in.

Lara has gone off early to volunteer for a Youth Focus (Youth Mental Health Organisation) charity event.

Declan is still in bed.

download (4)

The drugs must’ve kicked in as I woke up hours later migraine free (for now) and decide to try printing out some digital numbers from Kellie Stamps.  I plan to use them when documenting my WITL.

download (5)

Yay, they worked!  Back to bed to work on a blog post for tomorrow and Declan appears.

download (6)

Declan annoying the dog.

More working on my blog post and then it’s time for more coffee.  You know, because caffeine is good for migraines!

download (8)

Yes, I copied Ali’s idea of repetition with making coffee.

download (7)

Time for a break so I wander out the front to put some rubbish in the bins and Sasha follows me.

download (12)

Just doing what dogs do.

WITL sunday 002

Sasha returning from doing what dogs do.

Declan has put the big bins out for me as it’s rubbish day tomorrow and Lara wanders out to put more in, wish Sasha helping.

download (10)


WITL sunday 004

download (11)

This is the garden at the entrance to our house.

I come inside and find Declan cleaning the kitchen and he also vacuumed and tidied up too.  What a gorgeous boy.

WITL sunday 006


I wanted to also document a few other things before the week ended.

download (9)

Books I’m reading or on the ‘to read’ list.

download (14)

Favourite music at the moment – Ed Sheeran

Favourite podcasts


download (15)

Favourite movie

Well, that’s where I’ll leave it for now for 2017 Week in the Life.

I am starting a collaboration projection which will be announced tomorrow.  So be sure to look out for it on my social media.

Laura-Cunningham-by-Chloe-Moore-Take-Time (1)

A little clue about the new project.

Thanks for popping in.



Week in the Life – Day 6 (Saturday)

witl 2017 006

Today I won’t be writing much, it will be mainly photos as I spent most of the day in bed with a migraine many thanks to menopause.

I did get my big camera out, Nikon D3100/16-55mm lens.  So when I did get up I used this camera and I’m so glad I did.  I’d forgotten how much I love using it.  I did take a few with my iphone as well.

witl 2017 010

On rotation – Nurofen and Panadol

witl 2017 007

Lara sleeping in today.  Declan gone to work already.  

download (98)

Lara gets up and goes to the gym but brings me a cup of Ginger Kick tea first.

witl 2017 008

Oh God, there’s still washing to be done.  Also very typical someone has used the ironing board and not put it away.  I have an idea as to who my suspect is.

witl 2017 009

Three Lindt Easter eggs for breakfast.

witl 2017 011

Lara of to a modeling shoot but looking very anxious.   I wish her good luck.

witl 2017 013

Lara brings me back a coffee from Muzz Buzz and I’m watching Designated Survivor on Netflix.  They’ve released some new episodes.  Yay.

witl 2017 014

witl 2017 015


witl 2017 016

I decide to step outside to our backyard and take some photos.

download (99)

At sometime I must have got bored and played around with Snapchat filters.

witl 2017 019

The kitchen is a mess.

witl 2017 020

Lara’s returned and has returned to her sanctuary.

witl 2017 021

witl 2017 026

A few photos of the sunset.  Not the best sunset but still worthy of taking a photograph.  It was such a nice day even though I spent it inside.

witl 2017 031

My red toes.

witl 2017 040

No, the kitchen fairies didn’t come while I was in bed.  Damn it!

witl 2017 039

Another load for the dryer.  I would usually hang the washing out on the line but it’s just too much effort today.

witl 2017 041

Declan’s obviously home with some left overs from work.


Just found a movie on Netflix that I haven’t seen in ages – The Awakenings with two of my fave actors.  


Tried a new blend for my diffuser which I’ve had set up in my bedroom all day.  

The kids have decided their hungry and have gone off to get Zamberros for dinner.  I’m glad they made the decision to go get something rather than come to me and say ‘what’s for dinner mum?’


Well that is where I’ll leave it for today.  See you tomorrow for the last day of Week in the Life.


Week in the Life – Day 5 (Friday)

Yay, it’s Friyay!  We are nearly there.

download (80)

Photo cred goes to my daughter Lara who was up at 6:30am for her daily walk.  I really should get up and go for a walk too.

download (82)

This the view I get from my bed every morning.  Our house has heaps of windows which makes it light and airy.  So love it.

download (83)

Declan is up and of early for work today.  I’m sure he will be feeling a bit tired by the end of the day especially after working all day yesterday and then going out last night with the boys and getting in about midnight.  Please take note of my ‘friend’ in the foreground.

download (81)

In between me getting up and showered to going to check on Lara, Sasha as moved on down to her bedroom.  I am loving how Lara’s room has come together.  Just waiting on Kevin to return to put up the blind as well as a print on the wall.


download (84)

I grabbed a quick muffin for the drive to the hairdressers for my breakfast this morning. With Declan working at Muffin Break, he sometimes brings home leftovers.  Lucky us!  Today its Blueberry.


download (85)

Sitting waiting for my take away cappuccino before I head of to the hairdresser.  Just loving the light pouring in from the window behind me.

download (86)

Had to take a photo of this cute cup.

download (87)

Work in progress.  The colour has been rinsed out now time for the cut then blowdry.

download (94)

All shiny and new.


download (88)

It’s been a good week for ‘Happy Mail’.  Don’t you just love these black and white boxes.  I drive into the driveway and I can see it sitting next to my door.  I a little squeal of excitement pops out.

download (89)

After a long conversation on the phone about a new secret project which will be announced next week, it’s time to quickly decorate my planner to note some important dates down.  My Kikki K planner has definitely been doing its job.  I feel as though my life is so much more in order with everything written down.

download (91)


By now its 4:10pm and I’m feeling a little weary so decide to take some time to rest the mind and watch Shrek.  Don’t judge!  I didn’t actually see the end as I fell asleep which I dearly needed.


download (92)

Always part of the family is our Sasha.  She’s probably been up in Lara’s room and decides she needs a change of environment and comes down to the family room to check in with me.  We say some loving words to each other and continue to go about our business.

download (93)

5:36pm //  Declan must have slipped in while I was napping.  Straight on the his Playstation to play FIFA and talk to his friends … and there’s Sasha again.  She followed me down to check on Declan.  As predicted he is exhausted and will be staying in tonight even though there were initially plans to go out again.  Smart idea since he has work all day tomorrow.

download (95)

6:22pm //  I wander down to check in with the kids again.  Each is doing their own thing.  A few days before doing Lara’s room, Declan painted his room and took himself of to Ikea with a couple of mates and picked up a bit a furniture (which you can’t see from this angle)  Both rooms are painted the same white but it’s interesting how different the walls look.   Declan’s room is decorated more masculine with black accents and Lara’s is mostly white, more soft and feminine.  They basically mirror each other.

download (96)

With Kevin away dinner is usually a bit more casual and we had a fanging for good old fish fingers.  They weren’t too bad actually.


download (97)

I munch on my fish fingers while I do a couple of pages in my monthly Pocket Page Notebook from last week.  This is my little sanctuary which I haven’t really been in this week as I’ve been concentrating on other things, like WITL and getting on top of some other bits and pieces.

Okay, tomorrow I truly endeavour to get my big camera out.  It’s charged all ready to go but I keep forgetting to use it.   I think I will put it on my bedside table to remind myself as soon as I wake up.

Well good night all, two more days to go.

Thanks for popping in.



Week in the Life – Day 4 (Thursday)

Well it’s hump day for WITL and so far so good.  I’m happy that I’ve stayed on track with doing my best to remember to take photos.  My only disappointment so far is that I haven’t got my big camera out.  Maybe tomorrow.

Today I headed into work to help set up the Kindy classroom for the term.  Things didn’t go as planned but  more about that soon.

First, the first challenge was to get up!  So sleepy still.  To try and wake up I put a drop of Doterra Citrus Bliss onto the palm of my hand as I get into the shower.  I’ve used Peppermint before but it wasn’t handy.  Citrus Bliss did the job.

download (64)

Before shower.


download (65)

Slightly more alive.

Now all dressed in casual moving clothes for work today, I only have one more thing to do.  Grab a coffee from Maccas.

download (66)

Let’s hit the road.


download (67)

Arrived at work at 9:38am all ready to start the day.  Officially still school holidays so only a few cars in the car park.

download (68)

Then to my alarm I am greeted with this mess.

Builders had been in over the break to replace some lino and had emptied out storeroom to re-do there but didn’t put anything back.  The room was a mess!  So we had to spend the first 2 hours doing that before we could even start looking at setting the room up.

download (69)

Taking a five minute break now that we have restored the storeroom and start planning how the room is going to look this term.  Lots of exciting things for the little one.

download (70)

Another much needed break so we run out to K-Mart and pick up some lunch while we are there.  I have Sumo Salad which I really enjoyed.

Some think this is teachers shopping…

download (78)Just a little something that made me laugh and pertained to our shopping expedition.

download (72)

This is the room as we left at 4pm today.  It’s a bit hard to tell but there was a lot of work put in to achieving this.  I will take better photos later.   Was just too tired as I left to take more detailed ones.

download (73)

Saying goodbye to work until Monday.

download (74)

Finally home at 5:17pm and put my feet up for 5 minutes before I shower and get ready to go to the movies.

download (75)

A sneaky look in at Lara on her bed and Sasha on the floor.  Sasha has been told in no uncertain terms that she is not allowed on the bed nor is the faux sheepskin rug her’s to lay on.

download (77)

Some goofballs at the theatre.

Am quite exhausted but super glad I made the effort to go to the movies with Lara and her friend Britt to see Beauty and the Beast.  Absolutely loved the movie.  I didn’t want to leave the theatre when it finished as my heart just felt to happy and full.  The music was so uplifting too.  Would definitely see it again.

download (79)

And this is where I end my day, laying in bed with Sasha (she’s allowed on our bed).  On my bedside table I see my lamp, my sleeping oil, a couple of books not yet started, my kindle, another book which I have started but haven’t continued reading as yet.  A coffee cup from yesterday, my drink bottle, Easter egg wrappers, iphone cords, and a tissue (clean).

So far today I haven’t see Declan as he has been working at his casual job at Muffin Break.  He worked all day today and now he is off with some of his mates at a pub.  Kevin is still away but he has texted me to check in.  All good with him.

A couple of notes about these photos.  All photos as you would have noticed are in black and white and I’ve also sleep ‘white space’ to add digital elements to them later.  Oh, I haven’t proofread this so apologies for any mistakes.

Good night all, see you tomorrow.

Thank you for popping by.







Week in the Life – Day 3

So, how is everyone going?  Day 3 already!  Yowzer!

My day started the way that it ended – with a dog, my puppy dog in my bed.

download (39)

This was last night, Sasha must have got a bit hot and had to cool off. 

download (40)

Now this morning she curled up on Kevin’s pillow.

Kevin was off to the airport early for his business trip to Sydney so at some stage Sasha thought she would stand in for him by pulling back the doona and slipping into bed.

Today I am up much earlier, at 8am (much better that 11am) and head to the kitchen to make my first coffee for the day.

download (41)

Just because I can and I have nowhere to go today, I take my coffee and toast with vegemite back to bed.

Sitting in bed I see what’s been happening overnight in the social media world.  On school holidays this is one of the luxuries I afford myself, that is, to take my time to get going in the mornings.  It’s a time to let my body recuperate and recharge. It’s been a long 10 weeks in kindergarten this year.  The first term is always the most difficult as we settle 40 four and five year olds into a routine.  There are definitely challenges involved but the absolute joy I get with working with children way out measures any ‘challenging’ times along the way.  It is a passion not a job.  I think it has to be.

An hour later Lara appears to give love to Sasha.  I think she says good morning to me.  Lara has already been for her walk, had breakfast and washed her hair.

download (43)

Love given and received.

download (42)

Sasha is never too keen on photos been taken of her.  

Autumn, my favourite time of the year.  Have I said that already?  The sun still has warmth in it but with a slight chill in the air.  At this time of the year we don’t get the strong winds that Perth is renown for.  I take the opportunity to just sit in my backyard, with Sasha and just contemplate life.  I know that sounds corny but that is exactly what I am doing.  Tossing bits and pieces around in my mind and seeing where they land.

download (45)

I love the feeling of Sasha laying on my toes, a little connection between the two of us.

download (46)

As I said, contemplating life.


download (47)

The view from whence I came. 

download (50)

Time for Sasha’s breakfast.  A bit late today but she’s cool.

download (51)

My shower is one of my comfort areas.  I could just stand under the shower for days, feeling the water run down my back.  Just glorious.  I know lots of people prefer baths but I would rather sit on the floor of the shower with the water running over me.  So soothing.

download (52)

I love my house.  Even doing the dishes I get this gorgeous sunshine streaming in along with a chance to gaze outside.  The house is quiet today with the kids still hiding in their own rooms, keeping to themselves.

download (53)

Most of this afternoon I worked on a collaboration project that coming together.  I see my coffee.  I see my ‘Happiness’ book.  I see the flowers Lara bought me the other day to say thank you.  I see my notes.  I see my laptop.   I see my camera bag.  I see my headphones.  I see paper work.  I see Lara’s hat from her morning walk.

download (54)

12:36pm and I’ve finished my coffee.  No I have not started drinking red wine, that is a half full/half empty bottle from last night.  Oh, and Declan appears, hungry, again and telling me about his trip to take Kevin to the airport this morning.

download (55)

I’ve been sitting at my computer for two hours trying to work out how to adjust my blog page and decide I need to get out of the house.  Plus the man child his hungry and wants more food.  He says he will text me a shopping list.  This is his usual practice and it’s usually the same items on the list.

download (57)

Got to love the ‘please’ at the end.  So much love.  

download (56)

Yay, I finally worked out what I had been working on for ages.  Blog website updated finally.

download (58)

Sasha’s food

Declan helps me bring in the shopping.  He most nearly always does this which I love him for.  He unpacks the bags looking for ‘his’ food and decides to make a tower out of Sasha’s tinned food.  Some boys never grow up.

download (59)

Some time needed outside to clear the cobwebs and enjoy a glass of wine.  This time in the early evening Sasha will come out the front with me and ‘do her rounds’ wandering around the street, her street to make sure everything is okay.  It’s a bit fresh outside so I head in earlier than usual.

download (60)

Kevin text’s me saying he’s turning in to me by taking a photo of his food.  I’ve taught him well.  He also is pretty happy that this 400gram Angus Rump, the lot only cost him $30 (Australian).  Always loves a bargain.

download (63)

Declan and I have Crispy chicken tacos with heaps of fresh coriander.

And that is how today ends.

Good night all.






Week in the Life 2017 – Day 2

Hello to you all and hello to day 2.

download (5)

I feel like I’ve lost half of the day today, well now wonder!  I woke up at 7:00am and went back to sleep until  11.17.  Well the story is a bit longer than that.  I actually had an urge to go sleep with Lara in her new room so at some stage through the night I must have got up and moved.  Waking up at 7:00am I felt she wasn’t there, she must have gone for her early morning walk.

download (6)

Love the light coming in through Lara’s window in the morning.

It’s amazing what you remember and don’t.  I found a photo I took at 7:53am of my bedside table so at some stage I must have awoken, took this photo and gone back to sleep until 11:17am

download (8)

Youza, is that the time?

I get up and go for a wander through the house to see where everybody is.  Kevin is obviously at work.  Lara is back in her bed watching something on her phone with headphones on.  Declan’s door is shut so I respect his privacy and ‘do not enter’  He is 18.

download (38)

It’s well and truly time for breakfast with one of my favourite cups and toast is Vegemite.

download (9)

While I’m sitting having breakfast Declan fronts up in the kitchen with a grunt which is meant to mean ‘good morning’, I think.  Opens the fridge, stands in front, shuts the door.  Moves over to the pantry, a bit of head scratching, walks away (with doors still open) to his bedroom obviously not satisfied with the offerings.

Still in my PJ’s, cleaning up around the house I hear a ‘hello, posty’ from the front door.  With a gentle jog to the front door I gleefully open the door to my happy posty man with my happy mail.

download (22)

Yay, Happy Mail.

Start the car … we are off to IKEA to buy bits and pieces to furnish Lara’s room.  A very successful trip.

download (23)

I have no idea why I’m making that face but I’m keeping it real.  So no do over’s, what you see is what you get.

download (24)

That’s dangerous, two girls let loose in IKEA.


download (26)

This is the doona cover Declan ended up choosing.  Its reversible.

Quick stop for Maccas on the way home  lunch – now 3pm.

download (28)

The fun begins with the putting together of furniture.  Declan doing a fantastic job while we did a fantastic job watching him.

download (29)

Just love it when I see them co-operating and speak to each other like they’re actual sister and brother.

download (30)

Sasha’s now here to help.  

Finally I get time to sit down and look at my new Doterra essential oils, make up a new blend for my roller bottle for sleeping.  This included Lavender, Vetiver, Cedarwood.   Usually its had Frankincense in but I haven’t purchased that oil yet.  I also set up my diffuser with Grapefruit, Vetiver and Bergamot as I knew Kevin would be a bit stressed when he got home from work and would benefit from this blend.

download (31)

download (35)

My diffuser.

After dinner tonight Kevin finishes of his packing for his business trip to Sydney.  Checked in luggage at the front door almost ready to go and he finishes of his hand carry.

download (32)

download (34)

Sasha is feeling a bit concern as she normally does when she sees suitcases being packed.

download (36)

Needing cuddles and reassurance.

I finish the night off having a quick look through Pinterest looking for new Doterra essential oil blends that I can make with my new oils.

download (37)

Tomorrow I have every intention of get my big camera out.  Better go do that now so I remember.  All of today’s photos were taken on my iphone.

Thank you all for popping in