One of the projects I’ve undertaken is #myselfiescrapbook created by Jennifer Lake @ Sunlight & Air and Julie Gagen @ How I Sustain (I’m still working out how to add links to other peoples blogs so I’ll just name the blogs for now).  There are a group of lovely ladies who are co-hosting this initiative and leading us through with the weekly challenges.

I must say I AM having a huge amount of fun investigating ‘who I AM‘ from different perspectives, different angles, different mind sets as well.  It’s given me the opportunity to figuratively step outside of myself as well as my comfort zone.  I love taking photos of the what, where, why, who of my life but it comes across as I’m the third party in my own life.  It makes me more aware of what I AM doing, where I AM, what I AM and why I AM.  So its really a journey of self discovery which isn’t at all a bad or negative thing nor is it narcissistic.  Selfies do get a back wrap for being narcissistic especially when the selfie stick arrived on the market.  Buy why should it be frowned upon that you are wanting to document your life!

I put a bit of thought in to how I wanted to document #myselfiescrapbook.  For a while in my stash I’ve had the ‘I AM‘ range from Simple Stories with intention to use it for a different project but hadn’t quite got my head around how I wanted to do it nor if I actually wanted to do it at all.  (That’s a story for another day).  A 6 x 8 album seemed to be the way to go as it wasn’t too big nor too small and it fitted with the ‘I AM‘ series.  I also wanted to mix it up a bit with different configurations and even smaller pocket sizes for different pages.

Week 2 theme was ‘From Where I Stand’.  I took this two ways.  Firstly, physically ‘From Where I Stand’ an also emotionally/mentally ‘From Where I Stand’.  I’ll explain as I go

These are my week two pages.


Emotionally and mentally I’ve had to be strong and brave so it was important to document that.  My catch phrase at the moment is ‘family first’ so having my children and husband with me means that I AM ‘surround by goodness’.  It’s also a good day when my Happy Mail arrives from A Beautiful Mess.


From ‘Where I Stand’ I AM strong and I remind myself that  I AM moving in the right direction.  A shopping trip to Spotlight to replenish supplies is a must!

I decided to do a 6 x 6 page with ‘From Where I Stand’ which I downloaded from Alex Hunter Designs.  From Where I Stand I AM enjoying everyday, loving life, full of hope, making it happen, being me, positive and so very blessed.

So that was week two of #myselfiescrapbook.   Tomorrow I will do a catch up and show you my week one prompt.

Thank you for popping on by and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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