#myselfiescrapbook week 3

Wow, I can’t believe the month is drawing to a close and that we only have one more week of prompts for this month long #myselfiescrapbook project.

Week three was from Jessica at and its focus was on One Selfie Four Ways.  What a great prompt.

I did add a bit of my own twist on it though.  This started with me opening my liquor cupboard and finding four different brands of Vodka!  Hey, ‘now you’re talking’ I hear you say!!  So even though its technically not a selfie, it is one of my favourite drinks.  Coffee would be my first and no judging on me having a collection of Vodka bottles as most of them are full and never been open but when flying overseas you can not pass up the opportunity to buy duty free alcohol.  Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.  (wink, wink).

One of my other selfies is not technically a selfie but I scraplifted from Tracey.  I took the opportunity to show four different times of the day and to take stock of what I get done in one day.

My third selfie four ways is me with my best mate, my dog Sasha.  I really don’t know who loves each other the most me or her.  Sasha is the fifth member of our family.  I really can’t image life with out her so it was important for me to document that emotion.


Pages three and four are firstly my hairstyle four ways.  These are definitely my four go to hair styles.  Secondly, my four favourite shoes.  I must tell you this was a huge decision to make.  If you saw my shoe closet you would understand.  Yep, I’m a shoe addict and I have no intention to cure my addiction.  There’s no way that can be negotiated.  So eventually I picked the four that I have worn most recently as we in the south hemisphere come out of summer and head in to winter my shoes are more summery.  My Havaianas, my sport shoes (I really don’t play sport but I hang out with them on weekends), my Mimco dress shoes (love Mimco) and lastly my leopard faux fur pumps.  They are so comfortable and they remind me of my trip to Melbourne with my daughter a few years ago.  Oh also, I can pat them as they are faux fur.  Weird, I know but that’s just me, weird!


I had lots of fun playing around with the different insta square pockets.  It definitely adds a new dimension to creativity and interest for the eye.  Again, I’ve used the I AM series from Simple Stories which works well with these layouts too.  Absolutely loving all the gold elements in this series.

So that’s week three done and dusted.

To Do List

  • Week four of #myselfiescrapbook
  • Lesson four (April) of Ali Edwards’ One Little Word’
  • Finish up some classess I’m doing with Big Picture Classes.

Have a great day and I’ll see you next time.


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