One Little Word – April Prompt

Towards the end of last year after following along with Ali Edwards’  December Daily, the natural next step for me was to commit to Ali’s One Little Word project.  So I jumped in to it with great gusto.  First thing was to choose a WORD.

I had a few words rolling around in my brain and I finally chose the word LISTEN.  2014 was a very interesting year for me for many reasons.  One thing I found was that my voice was confused, scared, angry, stressed and bitter and I did not like it one bit.  I felt the need to LISTEN to my voice and make it happier, calmer and kinder.

In 2015 I wanted to LISTEN to my voice, what I have to say, how I say it and what it sounds like.  I will LISTEN not only to my voice but to what others have to say, to be a better listener.

I chose some actions to enable this to actually happen.  Following along with the lessons outlined by Ali on a monthly basis brings me back to my word every month giving me a chance to reflect on my word.

When I first saw April’s lesson I jumped for joy ‘yay’ it aligned with one of my goals for the year, that is to improve my photography skills but also to take more photos.  So, yep it should be easy!!!  Well on the 27th of this month I’m thinking why haven’t I done it yet? It should be easy right? Well apparently not because I needed to include photos of myself.  YUCK!  I prefer to take photos, not to be in them.  As luck should have it along came #myselfiescrapbook project on Instagram.   Yep, I had to take photos of myself!  Yesterday as I was pondering what I should do, I came across heaps of left over photos from #myselfscrapbook project.  Why not use them.  I referred back to my ‘intentions’ from OLW and I could make them fit.  Easy peasy in the end.  I think I was over thinking it.  It wasn’t supposed to be that hard.  So within half an hour I’d finished April’s lesson.


It was time to:

  • nurture my relationship with my family
  • let go of things I can’t control – listen to myself
  • Photo missing – spend more quality time with my husband
  • be aware of others in my life – pay it forward
  • start a hobby for me – get creative
  • find my authentic self
  • some me time
  • step outside of my comfort zone – move forward
  • learn more about photography and get my cooking mojo back

So, there you have it OLW for April done and dusted.

Thanks for popping in.


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