Journal My Way

I know the latest buzz this year is all about journals which is great, I have nothing against them but with starting Project Life, recommencing traditional scrapbooking layouts, Ali Edwards’ One Little Word and all the goals I had set for myself I thought a journal was just too much to take on.

I created my own little version of it though.  Combining Fat Mum Slims ‘Photo A Day’ project along with a Sentence a Day following Debbie Hodge’s 365 Questions all in one cute little diary from Typo.  Love the gold stripes.


I do my best to write the answer to the ‘question of the day’ as well as taking a ‘photo a day’ but in truth sometimes life gets in the way and I miss a few days.  Sometimes I’m able to catch up but somedays I can’t but that’s way okay for me.  I do what I can do. Stress less!

One of the things I like about the ‘question of the day’ is it gives me an opportunity to reflect on my day.  Some questions are very simple but some are more philosophical and require a bit of thought which gives me the opportunity to reflect on my day & my life.

I collect my daily photos using the Collect App and then add what the ‘photo prompt’ is and print out as 3×4’s then stick them in with washi take.  This leaves room for the answer to my ‘question of the day’.

This is what it looks like.


So another project ‘done and dusted’.

Thanks for popping in.


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