I Am Loving Sun Flare

First biggie, is the word sun flare one word or two words??  Geez I don’t know as when I research it comes up with both options.  I’m going with two words as I believe it’s flare that is given of the sun so with that in mind and my limited background knowledge of the English language I’m sticking with that.  

The light at this time of the year whether if you’re in the southern or northern hemisphere just does some magical things and then once you get the lens to play its part, WOW, just WOW!

I’ve just used my iphone 5c to take these photos.  They’re not brilliant but they’re fun all the same.  I have no photographic background but I’ve just discovered this phenomena.

These are just from a bit of fun and playing from the last few days.  These in no way have been enhanced, photoshopped nor had filters added.  They are just exactly as I shot them.

This one was taken sitting outside on children’s play equipment at work with the sun filtering through the shade sails. Don’t you just love the high vis vest!  Just so ‘fetch’.


These following shots are taken with the afternoon setting sun and all I did was just moved the camera slightly to get a slight different effect.









This was sitting outside at lunch time with the sun almost directly overhead.  I love the way the light is sending of prisms of light here.  So pretty.



I sort of like adding a few quotes to it as well sometimes…







 These are a couple from ANZAC Day





This was one I found in my archives which was taken from a plane as the sun was rising.  Super cool. 


 My wish is for you to go outside and experiment with the this beautiful piece of nature we have.


Thanks for popping in.




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