This is my first Ali Edwards Story Stamp & Story Kit project and I am blown away with quality of the content for this class.  I shouldn’t be surprised really as every thing Ali does is amazing.  You certainly get value for money even with the shocking AUD=USD exchange rate.  The real value is more from the point that I get to record stories which is always Ali’s main focus.

I’m lucky that I have both a daughter and a son as this gives me an opportunity to be creative in both a feminine and masculine way.

This photo is of my son who is looking absolutely handsome for his Year 11 Dinner Dance.  I wanted to keep this and the following layouts clean as I wanted it to be about the story and the photos themselves.

Photo Love

Photo Love

This layout is inspired by Tracey Holdyk who was inspired by Sasha Farina.  Again, I wanted to focus on the story which was about the poses my son was making as I just ‘clicked’ away.  It shows of his carefree and fun personality.

Love Photos

Love Photos

Love Photos

Love Photos

This is my beautiful daughter from a couple of years ago for her Year 12 Ball and I’ve only just got around to scrapping it.  She just looked so elegant in this amazing dress and the day/night lived up to all of her expectations.  When my daughter gets in front of the camera and she hears the ‘click’ of the shutter she just works her magic.



I’m looking forward to finding more stories that just ‘click’.

Thanks for popping in.


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