What a Week!

Today I reflect on what I treasure in my life and what has got me through this week.

  • A mother’s instinct to protect their young is innate and never dies.
  • Love is unconditional.
  • I didn’t know I could run and by run I mean run like a cheetah.
  • A glass (or two) of wine during the week purely for medicinal purposes is quite okay.
  • The power of prayer in its many forms can work wonders.
  • Family is not only related by blood but by heart and soul. A community builds family.
  • Healthcare workers and support staff are angels in disguise.
  • Good coffee is the food of life.
  • There is always HOPE. Hold On Pain Ends!
  • Dogs do not discriminate. They’ll love you no matter what.
  • Hold on tight to what is precious to you.
  • A smile can make someone’s day

If you don’t already you should follow dallasclayton on instagram.  This is one of his posts which is very relevant at the moment.



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