Week 21 Project Life – Oh & Jeez What a Week!

I’m so glad I’ve taken up Project Life for this year.  It’s given me an opportunity to reflect on what is happening around me, especially those dearest to me, my family and friends.

This week would have to be up there as one of the most difficult in my life thus far.  At the same time I’ve found that my micro community were there when I needed them.  Just with words of kindness which has given me the strength I’ve needed to carry on.  Whether it’s a surprise phone call from a distant friend who listened to me cry and also made me laugh.  I received many encouraging texts and phone calls.  The fact that someone actually picks up the phone and takes the time to call me out of genuine concern.  I’ve received many texts offering encouragement and prayers at this time for which I will forever be grateful.  Even receiving a ‘care package’ at our door was such a wonderful surprise.  It meant I didn’t have to worry about cooking for one night.

I haven’t really documented this week but I’m thinking just printing out this intro will do the job along with messages I’ve received.

I was really conscious of taking photos to remember this particularly challenging time because I knew I needed to do that so we can look back in the future and see how far we’ve come.  So this process was actually really easy thanks to collect App.  Photos, a few words, print and it was done.  Just slipped them in to their pockets and a couple of title cards, easy peasy.

For this title page I used up some left over Ali Edwards ‘Click’ story kit supplies.

Left Hand Side Title

Left Hand Side

Left Hand Side Page

Left Hand Side Page

Again, the title to this page was a mix of left over ‘Click’ bits and pieces and a bit from my stash.

Rich Hand Side  Title

Rich Hand Side

Right Hand Side Page

Right Hand Side Page

So that’s a wrap for wee 21.

Thanks for popping in.


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