@ 16

Don’t you just love that moment when you can capture someone totally unawares that they are being photographed and freeze that moment in time.  It’s all about the memories, those ordinary, everyday actions that are so easily forgotten if they’re not documented.

One thing I’ve learned recently is to embrace the ordinary, silent moments and treasure them.  They can easily slip away…

This was just one of those times, thank goodness for mobile phones.  It’s so easy to pick up your phone and silently take a photo.  My son was just lounging around with earphones in, in his own world.  I looked up and saw that beautiful light flowing in from outside and did just that…snap!.

I used a mixture of embellishments from my stash.  Had a few bits left over from Ali Edwards’ ‘Click’ story kit and the ’16’ was left over from her December Daily.  The journalling card is from Cathy Zielske’s Project Life mini kit and the stamps are from Kellie Stamps.

Stay Curious

Stay Curious

(T)his story

(T)his story

This Story Tells Such a Story

This Photo Tells Such a Story

The Story

The Story

Apologies for the lighting and shadow.  The sun is setting way too fast for me.

Remember: Treasure the ordinary moments.  They disappear so, so quickly.

Thanks for popping in.



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