Some More Melbourne Highlights & Preparing for Week In The Life

As I warm up for Ali Edwards’ Week In The Life, I’m reflecting on the stories I want to tell during the week and ‘My Reason Why’ I document my/our life.

  • Why is it that I take photos?
  • Why do I freeze these moments in time?
  • Why do I document the stories of our life?
  • Why do I take photos of the mundane every day moments in our life?
  • Why do I note where we are and the why we’re there?

These are some of the questions I ask myself as I prepare for my first ‘Week in the Life’ and I can not wait to be hyperfocused on my life.

In the meantime, these are some of the layouts from my recent trip to Melbourne.

This would have to be my absolute favourite photo from Melbourne.  This photo tells me that it’s winter as the trees have lost their leaves, it’s extremely cold as Declan is all rugged up in his jacket, the architecture of Melbourne has been preserved, the classic stone paving of Melbourne’s streets, just love this checker board paving.

One of my favourite photos

One of my favourite photos


Ready Set Go!


Seriously So Love This Memory

This layout reminds me that even though we were in the city with a huge coffee culture, Declan wanted to keep going back to Starbucks for the Venti Caramel Mocha and a Caramel Slice.  I had fun using Kellie Stamps to tell this story.




Just loved gathering ephemera to ignite memories

Just loved gathering ephemera to ignite memories

St Kilda and fricken' cold

St Kilda and fricken’ cold

Check out all the different paths we walked.

From Where I stand!

From Where I stand!

More breakfast.  Declan's was called 'Three Bears Porridge'

More breakfast. Declan’s was called ‘Three Bears Porridge’

Oh, I’m still only using my 50mm lens to capture these layouts and loving it!

Have a great weekend.

Thanks for popping in.


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