I’m Back!

I have decided start posting on my blog again.  Sometimes life just gets in the way and things fall by the way side but at a later date you pick them up again.  I suppose that’s where I’m at now.

I have still been scrapbooking but in a different form.  About a year ago I migrated to documenting my life in traveler’s notebooks  and have not looked back since.  So this has replaced the traditional Project Life style of scrapbooking I used to do.  I did love the pocket page format but I really wanted to play with pretty paper, embellishments and ephemera more and by using a traveler’s notebook I was able to do this.

This is my gorgeous leather traveler’s notebook folder.



Here are three of my very full notebooks that I’ve filled over the past year.  I just love flipping through them and feeling all the different textures from the bits and pieces I’ve added.



Oh my goodness, look how fat they are!


In my next post I will share my current process.


Thanks for popping in.


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