Now What!

Since January I have been using a new product created by The Stamp Spot which are Pocket Page Notebooks.  It’s a travelers notebook insert which is 52 single pages 21cm tall x 11cm wide, white 110gsm paper alternating with clear pocket page protectors.  The quality is extraordinary.  It gives me the opportunity to scrapbook my memories having the best of both worlds, notebook with pocket pages.  Its the same size as other travelers notebook inserts so fits perfectly with my Leather Notebook Cover as shown in my previous post.






(photos from The Stamp Spot Website)


I have not looked back since.  At this stage I have filled 3 Pocket Page Notebooks.

  • January
  • SELFebruary project (I’ll talk about later)
  • February & March
  • One Little Word

Here is a sample of some of my recent pages.


scrapbooking 011

Totally in love with Maggie Holmes’ In Bloom collection

scrapbooking 012

scrapbooking 013

This is one of the pocket pages in the notebook.  With this layout I wanted to show that this page is a pocket page so printed out these photos skinny and long so that I could fit both photos in the same pocket.

On the reverse side the labels from Maggie Holmes’ Chasing Dreams collection fit perfectly.

scrapbooking 014


This is the facing page to the previous pocket page.  These PPN’s are so versatile.

scrapbooking 016

That will do for now.  Hope you all had a good weekend.


Thanks for popping in.


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