One of my all time projects I’ve done is SELFebruary which is where I took a selfie every day during the month of February.  It was a reflective look at myself.  For example, where I am at this point in my life, what I do on a day to day basis or what my feelings or observations where on something that may have taken place that day.

I used a Pocket Page Notebook for this project using the pocket part for my journaling and the notepaper side for the selfie.  Every day I would type out a few paragraphs while it was all fresh in my mind so my words were current and in the moment rather than being retrospective.

I covered the PPN to make it all pretty and gorgeous with a quote reminding me to ‘have courage and be kind’.


These are a few pages from my notebook.









As you can see from these few examples, a selfie doesn’t necessarily mean ‘your face’.  I tried to come up with creative ways of capturing a selfie by taking the photo from different perspectives.

I plan to complete this project next February as well and hoping to have a few people doing it for themselves at the same time.

Thanks for popping in.





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