Week in the Life 2017

I know, I know I told myself I wasn’t going to do WITL this year but then I was listening to Jess Forster’s Pocket Talk Podcast where she was talking to Ali Edwards, Brandi Kincaid and Pam Baldwin and it made me remember I loved doing this project.  I got out my previous albums and just had to do it again.

download (3)

As I was late to get organised I haven’t got Ali’s WITL kit but just last night made up my own kit using mostly Felicity Jane ‘Jane’ kit from last month which I hadn’t even opened along with a few other bits and pieces I had floating around.

download (21)

Since I don’t have an album the obvious choice would be my favourite at the moment, Pocket Page Notebook.


Day One

What I thought was going to be a lazy sleep in day was not to be.  Once awake my Lara reminded me that we were going to paint her room today.  Oh, geez, I forgot!  With a sigh I go to the kitchen where Kevin is starting to cook bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast.  Nom, Nom.  I start making the coffee.  Capps for two please.  After that I searching in the back of my drawers for my painting clothes and straight into it we go.

Kevin does what he usually does on the weekend and takes Sasha to the beach for a walk.  That’s their favourite past time.  Declan is still dozing in bed.

Lara’s room had two walls that were a hot pink and two that were a version of ‘white’.  She wanted the whole room to be white.  Fresh and clean, a happy sanctuary for her.

download (18)

download (15)

Team Effort

download (20)

Now she knows how to paint!

Kev comes home but we send him out to get more paint as we had run out.  Thanks Kev!

Kev and Declan spent the, what seemed the whole afternoon, putting up a new blind in Declan’s room.  Lot’s of heated discussions ensued.

download (16)

I’m not sure whether you can see the frustration on Declan’s face?

Finally finishing the painting, Lara and I start moving her furniture back in along with a double bed that used to be Kath’s (Kev’s mum’s).  We still have a few bit of decor to finish it off but at the moment Lara is happily relaxing in her new sanctuary.

Showered and freshened up it was time for a well deserved glass of white wine.  That was when I discovered I still had paint on myself!!

download (17)


We had an easy dinner tonight with some steak on the BBQ with salad.

download (4)

Well that’s about it for today.  See you tomorrow.

PS:  I will show you a Lara’s room once it’s complete.  We are going shopping for decor tomorrow.



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