Week in the Life 2017 – Day 2

Hello to you all and hello to day 2.

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I feel like I’ve lost half of the day today, well now wonder!  I woke up at 7:00am and went back to sleep until  11.17.  Well the story is a bit longer than that.  I actually had an urge to go sleep with Lara in her new room so at some stage through the night I must have got up and moved.  Waking up at 7:00am I felt she wasn’t there, she must have gone for her early morning walk.

download (6)

Love the light coming in through Lara’s window in the morning.

It’s amazing what you remember and don’t.  I found a photo I took at 7:53am of my bedside table so at some stage I must have awoken, took this photo and gone back to sleep until 11:17am

download (8)

Youza, is that the time?

I get up and go for a wander through the house to see where everybody is.  Kevin is obviously at work.  Lara is back in her bed watching something on her phone with headphones on.  Declan’s door is shut so I respect his privacy and ‘do not enter’  He is 18.

download (38)

It’s well and truly time for breakfast with one of my favourite cups and toast is Vegemite.

download (9)

While I’m sitting having breakfast Declan fronts up in the kitchen with a grunt which is meant to mean ‘good morning’, I think.  Opens the fridge, stands in front, shuts the door.  Moves over to the pantry, a bit of head scratching, walks away (with doors still open) to his bedroom obviously not satisfied with the offerings.

Still in my PJ’s, cleaning up around the house I hear a ‘hello, posty’ from the front door.  With a gentle jog to the front door I gleefully open the door to my happy posty man with my happy mail.

download (22)

Yay, Happy Mail.

Start the car … we are off to IKEA to buy bits and pieces to furnish Lara’s room.  A very successful trip.

download (23)

I have no idea why I’m making that face but I’m keeping it real.  So no do over’s, what you see is what you get.

download (24)

That’s dangerous, two girls let loose in IKEA.


download (26)

This is the doona cover Declan ended up choosing.  Its reversible.

Quick stop for Maccas on the way home  lunch – now 3pm.

download (28)

The fun begins with the putting together of furniture.  Declan doing a fantastic job while we did a fantastic job watching him.

download (29)

Just love it when I see them co-operating and speak to each other like they’re actual sister and brother.

download (30)

Sasha’s now here to help.  

Finally I get time to sit down and look at my new Doterra essential oils, make up a new blend for my roller bottle for sleeping.  This included Lavender, Vetiver, Cedarwood.   Usually its had Frankincense in but I haven’t purchased that oil yet.  I also set up my diffuser with Grapefruit, Vetiver and Bergamot as I knew Kevin would be a bit stressed when he got home from work and would benefit from this blend.

download (31)

download (35)

My diffuser.

After dinner tonight Kevin finishes of his packing for his business trip to Sydney.  Checked in luggage at the front door almost ready to go and he finishes of his hand carry.

download (32)

download (34)

Sasha is feeling a bit concern as she normally does when she sees suitcases being packed.

download (36)

Needing cuddles and reassurance.

I finish the night off having a quick look through Pinterest looking for new Doterra essential oil blends that I can make with my new oils.

download (37)

Tomorrow I have every intention of get my big camera out.  Better go do that now so I remember.  All of today’s photos were taken on my iphone.

Thank you all for popping in





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