Week in the Life – Day 3

So, how is everyone going?  Day 3 already!  Yowzer!

My day started the way that it ended – with a dog, my puppy dog in my bed.

download (39)

This was last night, Sasha must have got a bit hot and had to cool off. 

download (40)

Now this morning she curled up on Kevin’s pillow.

Kevin was off to the airport early for his business trip to Sydney so at some stage Sasha thought she would stand in for him by pulling back the doona and slipping into bed.

Today I am up much earlier, at 8am (much better that 11am) and head to the kitchen to make my first coffee for the day.

download (41)

Just because I can and I have nowhere to go today, I take my coffee and toast with vegemite back to bed.

Sitting in bed I see what’s been happening overnight in the social media world.  On school holidays this is one of the luxuries I afford myself, that is, to take my time to get going in the mornings.  It’s a time to let my body recuperate and recharge. It’s been a long 10 weeks in kindergarten this year.  The first term is always the most difficult as we settle 40 four and five year olds into a routine.  There are definitely challenges involved but the absolute joy I get with working with children way out measures any ‘challenging’ times along the way.  It is a passion not a job.  I think it has to be.

An hour later Lara appears to give love to Sasha.  I think she says good morning to me.  Lara has already been for her walk, had breakfast and washed her hair.

download (43)

Love given and received.

download (42)

Sasha is never too keen on photos been taken of her.  

Autumn, my favourite time of the year.  Have I said that already?  The sun still has warmth in it but with a slight chill in the air.  At this time of the year we don’t get the strong winds that Perth is renown for.  I take the opportunity to just sit in my backyard, with Sasha and just contemplate life.  I know that sounds corny but that is exactly what I am doing.  Tossing bits and pieces around in my mind and seeing where they land.

download (45)

I love the feeling of Sasha laying on my toes, a little connection between the two of us.

download (46)

As I said, contemplating life.


download (47)

The view from whence I came. 

download (50)

Time for Sasha’s breakfast.  A bit late today but she’s cool.

download (51)

My shower is one of my comfort areas.  I could just stand under the shower for days, feeling the water run down my back.  Just glorious.  I know lots of people prefer baths but I would rather sit on the floor of the shower with the water running over me.  So soothing.

download (52)

I love my house.  Even doing the dishes I get this gorgeous sunshine streaming in along with a chance to gaze outside.  The house is quiet today with the kids still hiding in their own rooms, keeping to themselves.

download (53)

Most of this afternoon I worked on a collaboration project that coming together.  I see my coffee.  I see my ‘Happiness’ book.  I see the flowers Lara bought me the other day to say thank you.  I see my notes.  I see my laptop.   I see my camera bag.  I see my headphones.  I see paper work.  I see Lara’s hat from her morning walk.

download (54)

12:36pm and I’ve finished my coffee.  No I have not started drinking red wine, that is a half full/half empty bottle from last night.  Oh, and Declan appears, hungry, again and telling me about his trip to take Kevin to the airport this morning.

download (55)

I’ve been sitting at my computer for two hours trying to work out how to adjust my blog page and decide I need to get out of the house.  Plus the man child his hungry and wants more food.  He says he will text me a shopping list.  This is his usual practice and it’s usually the same items on the list.

download (57)

Got to love the ‘please’ at the end.  So much love.  

download (56)

Yay, I finally worked out what I had been working on for ages.  Blog website updated finally.

download (58)

Sasha’s food

Declan helps me bring in the shopping.  He most nearly always does this which I love him for.  He unpacks the bags looking for ‘his’ food and decides to make a tower out of Sasha’s tinned food.  Some boys never grow up.

download (59)

Some time needed outside to clear the cobwebs and enjoy a glass of wine.  This time in the early evening Sasha will come out the front with me and ‘do her rounds’ wandering around the street, her street to make sure everything is okay.  It’s a bit fresh outside so I head in earlier than usual.

download (60)

Kevin text’s me saying he’s turning in to me by taking a photo of his food.  I’ve taught him well.  He also is pretty happy that this 400gram Angus Rump, the lot only cost him $30 (Australian).  Always loves a bargain.

download (63)

Declan and I have Crispy chicken tacos with heaps of fresh coriander.

And that is how today ends.

Good night all.







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