Week in the Life – Day 4 (Thursday)

Well it’s hump day for WITL and so far so good.  I’m happy that I’ve stayed on track with doing my best to remember to take photos.  My only disappointment so far is that I haven’t got my big camera out.  Maybe tomorrow.

Today I headed into work to help set up the Kindy classroom for the term.  Things didn’t go as planned but  more about that soon.

First, the first challenge was to get up!  So sleepy still.  To try and wake up I put a drop of Doterra Citrus Bliss onto the palm of my hand as I get into the shower.  I’ve used Peppermint before but it wasn’t handy.  Citrus Bliss did the job.

download (64)

Before shower.


download (65)

Slightly more alive.

Now all dressed in casual moving clothes for work today, I only have one more thing to do.  Grab a coffee from Maccas.

download (66)

Let’s hit the road.


download (67)

Arrived at work at 9:38am all ready to start the day.  Officially still school holidays so only a few cars in the car park.

download (68)

Then to my alarm I am greeted with this mess.

Builders had been in over the break to replace some lino and had emptied out storeroom to re-do there but didn’t put anything back.  The room was a mess!  So we had to spend the first 2 hours doing that before we could even start looking at setting the room up.

download (69)

Taking a five minute break now that we have restored the storeroom and start planning how the room is going to look this term.  Lots of exciting things for the little one.

download (70)

Another much needed break so we run out to K-Mart and pick up some lunch while we are there.  I have Sumo Salad which I really enjoyed.

Some think this is teachers shopping…

download (78)Just a little something that made me laugh and pertained to our shopping expedition.

download (72)

This is the room as we left at 4pm today.  It’s a bit hard to tell but there was a lot of work put in to achieving this.  I will take better photos later.   Was just too tired as I left to take more detailed ones.

download (73)

Saying goodbye to work until Monday.

download (74)

Finally home at 5:17pm and put my feet up for 5 minutes before I shower and get ready to go to the movies.

download (75)

A sneaky look in at Lara on her bed and Sasha on the floor.  Sasha has been told in no uncertain terms that she is not allowed on the bed nor is the faux sheepskin rug her’s to lay on.

download (77)

Some goofballs at the theatre.

Am quite exhausted but super glad I made the effort to go to the movies with Lara and her friend Britt to see Beauty and the Beast.  Absolutely loved the movie.  I didn’t want to leave the theatre when it finished as my heart just felt to happy and full.  The music was so uplifting too.  Would definitely see it again.

download (79)

And this is where I end my day, laying in bed with Sasha (she’s allowed on our bed).  On my bedside table I see my lamp, my sleeping oil, a couple of books not yet started, my kindle, another book which I have started but haven’t continued reading as yet.  A coffee cup from yesterday, my drink bottle, Easter egg wrappers, iphone cords, and a tissue (clean).

So far today I haven’t see Declan as he has been working at his casual job at Muffin Break.  He worked all day today and now he is off with some of his mates at a pub.  Kevin is still away but he has texted me to check in.  All good with him.

A couple of notes about these photos.  All photos as you would have noticed are in black and white and I’ve also sleep ‘white space’ to add digital elements to them later.  Oh, I haven’t proofread this so apologies for any mistakes.

Good night all, see you tomorrow.

Thank you for popping by.








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