Week in the Life – Day 5 (Friday)

Yay, it’s Friyay!  We are nearly there.

download (80)

Photo cred goes to my daughter Lara who was up at 6:30am for her daily walk.  I really should get up and go for a walk too.

download (82)

This the view I get from my bed every morning.  Our house has heaps of windows which makes it light and airy.  So love it.

download (83)

Declan is up and of early for work today.  I’m sure he will be feeling a bit tired by the end of the day especially after working all day yesterday and then going out last night with the boys and getting in about midnight.  Please take note of my ‘friend’ in the foreground.

download (81)

In between me getting up and showered to going to check on Lara, Sasha as moved on down to her bedroom.  I am loving how Lara’s room has come together.  Just waiting on Kevin to return to put up the blind as well as a print on the wall.


download (84)

I grabbed a quick muffin for the drive to the hairdressers for my breakfast this morning. With Declan working at Muffin Break, he sometimes brings home leftovers.  Lucky us!  Today its Blueberry.


download (85)

Sitting waiting for my take away cappuccino before I head of to the hairdresser.  Just loving the light pouring in from the window behind me.

download (86)

Had to take a photo of this cute cup.

download (87)

Work in progress.  The colour has been rinsed out now time for the cut then blowdry.

download (94)

All shiny and new.


download (88)

It’s been a good week for ‘Happy Mail’.  Don’t you just love these black and white boxes.  I drive into the driveway and I can see it sitting next to my door.  I a little squeal of excitement pops out.

download (89)

After a long conversation on the phone about a new secret project which will be announced next week, it’s time to quickly decorate my planner to note some important dates down.  My Kikki K planner has definitely been doing its job.  I feel as though my life is so much more in order with everything written down.

download (91)


By now its 4:10pm and I’m feeling a little weary so decide to take some time to rest the mind and watch Shrek.  Don’t judge!  I didn’t actually see the end as I fell asleep which I dearly needed.


download (92)

Always part of the family is our Sasha.  She’s probably been up in Lara’s room and decides she needs a change of environment and comes down to the family room to check in with me.  We say some loving words to each other and continue to go about our business.

download (93)

5:36pm //  Declan must have slipped in while I was napping.  Straight on the his Playstation to play FIFA and talk to his friends … and there’s Sasha again.  She followed me down to check on Declan.  As predicted he is exhausted and will be staying in tonight even though there were initially plans to go out again.  Smart idea since he has work all day tomorrow.

download (95)

6:22pm //  I wander down to check in with the kids again.  Each is doing their own thing.  A few days before doing Lara’s room, Declan painted his room and took himself of to Ikea with a couple of mates and picked up a bit a furniture (which you can’t see from this angle)  Both rooms are painted the same white but it’s interesting how different the walls look.   Declan’s room is decorated more masculine with black accents and Lara’s is mostly white, more soft and feminine.  They basically mirror each other.

download (96)

With Kevin away dinner is usually a bit more casual and we had a fanging for good old fish fingers.  They weren’t too bad actually.


download (97)

I munch on my fish fingers while I do a couple of pages in my monthly Pocket Page Notebook from last week.  This is my little sanctuary which I haven’t really been in this week as I’ve been concentrating on other things, like WITL and getting on top of some other bits and pieces.

Okay, tomorrow I truly endeavour to get my big camera out.  It’s charged all ready to go but I keep forgetting to use it.   I think I will put it on my bedside table to remind myself as soon as I wake up.

Well good night all, two more days to go.

Thanks for popping in.




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