Week in the Life – Day 6 (Saturday)

witl 2017 006

Today I won’t be writing much, it will be mainly photos as I spent most of the day in bed with a migraine many thanks to menopause.

I did get my big camera out, Nikon D3100/16-55mm lens.  So when I did get up I used this camera and I’m so glad I did.  I’d forgotten how much I love using it.  I did take a few with my iphone as well.

witl 2017 010

On rotation – Nurofen and Panadol

witl 2017 007

Lara sleeping in today.  Declan gone to work already.  

download (98)

Lara gets up and goes to the gym but brings me a cup of Ginger Kick tea first.

witl 2017 008

Oh God, there’s still washing to be done.  Also very typical someone has used the ironing board and not put it away.  I have an idea as to who my suspect is.

witl 2017 009

Three Lindt Easter eggs for breakfast.

witl 2017 011

Lara of to a modeling shoot but looking very anxious.   I wish her good luck.

witl 2017 013

Lara brings me back a coffee from Muzz Buzz and I’m watching Designated Survivor on Netflix.  They’ve released some new episodes.  Yay.

witl 2017 014

witl 2017 015


witl 2017 016

I decide to step outside to our backyard and take some photos.

download (99)

At sometime I must have got bored and played around with Snapchat filters.

witl 2017 019

The kitchen is a mess.

witl 2017 020

Lara’s returned and has returned to her sanctuary.

witl 2017 021

witl 2017 026

A few photos of the sunset.  Not the best sunset but still worthy of taking a photograph.  It was such a nice day even though I spent it inside.

witl 2017 031

My red toes.

witl 2017 040

No, the kitchen fairies didn’t come while I was in bed.  Damn it!

witl 2017 039

Another load for the dryer.  I would usually hang the washing out on the line but it’s just too much effort today.

witl 2017 041

Declan’s obviously home with some left overs from work.


Just found a movie on Netflix that I haven’t seen in ages – The Awakenings with two of my fave actors.  


Tried a new blend for my diffuser which I’ve had set up in my bedroom all day.  

The kids have decided their hungry and have gone off to get Zamberros for dinner.  I’m glad they made the decision to go get something rather than come to me and say ‘what’s for dinner mum?’


Well that is where I’ll leave it for today.  See you tomorrow for the last day of Week in the Life.



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