Week in the Life – Day 7 (Sunday)

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Well, that’s it peeps, words and photos done for another year.  I will start with the documenting part during the week in my Pocket Page Notebook from The Stamp Spot.  You can click on the link on this blog post or my home page to have a look at this innovative Pocket Page Notebook which is a cross between a traveler’s notebook and pocket pages.  Michelle is offering a 20% discount until 15 June if you use the code donna20% at checkout.


Pocket Page Notebook

Unfortunately I woke up with my migraine still so I finally relent and go and get a prescription filled to help.

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Please note the look on Sasha’s face waiting for me to give her some of my scone.  I have only just fed her so the fact that she is drooling (literally) over my scone is just greedy.

I take myself back to bed with a coffee and a fruit scone which Declan brought home from his work yesterday.  Caffeine is apparently supposed to be good to for migraines.

download (3)

 Waiting for the drugs to kick in.

Lara has gone off early to volunteer for a Youth Focus (Youth Mental Health Organisation) charity event.

Declan is still in bed.

download (4)

The drugs must’ve kicked in as I woke up hours later migraine free (for now) and decide to try printing out some digital numbers from Kellie Stamps.  I plan to use them when documenting my WITL.

download (5)

Yay, they worked!  Back to bed to work on a blog post for tomorrow and Declan appears.

download (6)

Declan annoying the dog.

More working on my blog post and then it’s time for more coffee.  You know, because caffeine is good for migraines!

download (8)

Yes, I copied Ali’s idea of repetition with making coffee.

download (7)

Time for a break so I wander out the front to put some rubbish in the bins and Sasha follows me.

download (12)

Just doing what dogs do.

WITL sunday 002

Sasha returning from doing what dogs do.

Declan has put the big bins out for me as it’s rubbish day tomorrow and Lara wanders out to put more in, wish Sasha helping.

download (10)


WITL sunday 004

download (11)

This is the garden at the entrance to our house.

I come inside and find Declan cleaning the kitchen and he also vacuumed and tidied up too.  What a gorgeous boy.

WITL sunday 006


I wanted to also document a few other things before the week ended.

download (9)

Books I’m reading or on the ‘to read’ list.

download (14)

Favourite music at the moment – Ed Sheeran

Favourite podcasts


download (15)

Favourite movie

Well, that’s where I’ll leave it for now for 2017 Week in the Life.

I am starting a collaboration projection which will be announced tomorrow.  So be sure to look out for it on my social media.

Laura-Cunningham-by-Chloe-Moore-Take-Time (1)

A little clue about the new project.

Thanks for popping in.




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