Self Care May

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Self Care May

This is YOUR month, a month for all women to celebrate who they are or maybe discover a little bit more about themselves.  Woman no matter what stage you are in your life always need a bit of Self Care.  It’s the month to look after yourself, to spoil yourself, to do little things for yourself on a daily basis.

Michelle from The Stamp Spot and myself will steer you along this journey on our blogs and our individual Instagram and Facebook pages.  (see below for links)

We want you on a daily basis to ask yourself these questions:

What do I need today?


How can I fulfill that need?

Two very simple questions that we don’t consciously ask ourselves.  Well that is going to change for the month of May.  Every day you are going ask yourself those two questions.

We will provide a suggested  list of prompts that we came up with.  You may choose to use this list to get you started, you may have your own ideas.  We are all individuals with individual needs at any single moment in time.  So my need for today may not be the same as yours or your friends.  It’s purely relevant to you.  All you have to do is ask yourself everyday those two questions and see what the answer is and then act on it.

This is not a project that is supposed to cause you stress or anxiety.  You make the project what you want it to be.  We haven’t set a number eg: 31 as there’s 31 days in May.  We are merely suggesting that you look at the possibility of allowing yourself a little bit of Self Care.

Michelle  and I will be driving this project and each of us will be documenting this project in The Stamp Spot’s Pocket Page Notebook.  You may choose where to want to record this journey along with how you choose to do it.  If you are wanting to use a Pocket Page Notebook, the same as Michelle and I, you can click on the link at the top of my page which will take you to The Stamp Spot and you can obtain a discount by using the code donna20% and expiry is 15 June.


There is no cost involved to actually do this project, it’s just about forming a community of woman who want to consciously take time for themselves for the month of May.



Your Assignment

  • Choose where are you going to document this project?  For example a Pocket Page Notebook, an Art Journal,  a Planner
  • Choose how you are going to document this project?  For example with words, photos, bullet journal, mixed media etc

You will be able to following along on either of our social media pages




We will be using the hashtag #selfcaremay on social media



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