My Wellness Journey

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I was feeling blah!  I was not tracking what I was putting in my body and how I was treating my body.  I was feeling sluggish and bloated and my motivation and mood was dropping again.  No, I don’t want to go down that black whole again.  So I had to make changes in my life.

I had been following Ali Edwards’ wellness journey on instagram.  What she was talking about resonated with me so I piggybacked on some of her ideas.


The first thing was to have a look at my intake.  I had been having a bowl of porridge every morning and that was working for me.  I felt fulfilled with the warm feeling in my stomach on these cold winter mornings.   So at this point in time I’m sticking with that.

For morning tea I’m including a smoothie and this combination is working for me presently.

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As I’m at work for lunch I have found these are perfect.   I stock up on them when they are on special.  The green chicken curry is delish as well.


When I’m feeling peckish in the afternoon, I’ll have a handful of cashew nuts.

With dinner, I need to please the family but I am trying to add heaps of veggies with the protein of choice.

Looking for something sweet after dinner and I’ll reach for a premade chia pudding or an apple and that usually does the job.

My next post will talk about the fitness part of my wellness journey.

Thanks for popping in.



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