My Wellness Journey


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So after the first week I feel so much better already.  I am less bloated and I find I am looking forward to going for my walk and having my smoothie every day.  There were a couple of days that I couldn’t walk because of the weather and I was quite disappointed.

A couple other things:  I’ve cut back on the amount of milky coffees I have.  I allow myself 2 a day after that it’s black coffee all the way.  I probably only have four a day on average, so not an enormous amount really.  This has helped with that bloated feeling I was getting.

My Personal Figit Spinner

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I found myself getting restless at night while watching TV so I decided to pick up the knitting needles and starting a knitting project.  Keeping those hands busy definitely helps with keeping thoughts of looking for snacks at bay.  Its a bit hard to eat and knit at the same time.

The other importing thing for me was menu planning.  With planning our meals and ordering our shopping online I had everything on hand to make healthy dinners.  I would order heaps of veggies to last us the week including what I wanted to put in my smoothies.  Being prepared is definitely the way to go.

No Numbers Involved

The other thing to note through this whole process is I am talking about being healthy.  I’m not talking about losing weight, it’s all about being well and healthy.  With a daughter that suffers from Anorexia we are a household who have thrown away the scales and don’t think consciously about weight.  It’s all about what we put in to our bodies and how we expend energy.  There are numbers involved at all.


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I wanted to document this process that I’m on so I can see how far I’ve come as and how I got there.  I think it will be rewarding to look back on the small details and use it as a tool to keep me motivated.  As I’m enjoying the Pocket Page Notebooks at the moment it seem appropriate to use one for this project too.

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I’m still following along with Ali Edwards (AE-fit) daily on her instastory.  The podcasts are keeping me motivated as well.

Thanks for popping in.



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