Week in the Life – Day 3 Completed

Hi all and happy Sunday,

I’ve been working on a few other projects but I getting there with my WITL.

Before I show those completed pages I just want to remind everyone about the project that Michelle from The Stamp Spot and myself and leading this May.  Its called #selfcaremay.  It’s about choosing a prompt each day reminding yourself to take a little bit of time for yourself.



We are also documenting it in one of her Pocket Page Notebooks.  If you follow the link on my homepage you can go to her shop and purchase one.  Simply by inserting the coupon code donna20% at checkout, you will received 20% discount.  You can’t beat that.

Don’t forget to share your work by using #selfcaremay also #pocketpagenotebook.


Now to my WITL.

WITL Day 3 2017 002

I have continued using Kellie Stamps digital ‘Large Number’ for my title page.

WITL Day 3 2017 004

WITL Day 3 2017 003

Way to much journaling so I had to make a tip in.

WITL Day 3 2017 005

WITL Day 3 2017 006

WITL Day 3 2017 007

WITL Day 3 2017 010

WITL Day 3 2017 011

WITL Day 3 2017 012

WITL Day 3 2017 013

WITL Day 3 2017 014

WITL Day 3 2017 016

WITL Day 3 2017 017

WITL Day 3 2017 018

WITL Day 3 2017 019

Thanks for popping in.

Hope to see you next time.





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