WITL – Day 1 Completed

As previously mentioned, I will be documenting my Week in the Life for this year in a Pocket Page Notebook from The Stamp Spot.

So here we go.

Sorry for the glare but its really tricky to photograph without getting it.

The documenting or journaling part was easy and I did what Ali does and mostly copies and pastes from her blog.  So, so easy.

I am using Kellie Stamps Digital Large Number Pocket Cards for the beginning of each new day.  I print them to size and slide them into the pocket page.  Most of the paper and elements are from Felicity Jane kits.

Day 1 WITL 002


Day 1 WITL 003


Day 1 WITL 004Day 1 WITL 005


Day 1 WITL 006


Day 1 WITL 007


Day 1 WITL 008


Day 1 WITL 009

This is a pocket page and I’ve attached the photos to a piece of patterned acetate.  On the reverse side I mirrored the photos with extra embellishments etc.  Again, sorry for the glare.

Day 1 WITL 010

The reverse side.

Day 1 WITL 011


Day 1 WITL 012


Day 1 WITL 013


Day 1 WITL 014


Day 1 WITL 015


Day 1 WITL 017


Day 1 WITL 018


Day 1 WITL 019


Thank you for popping in for a look.

See you next time.




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